These are the video guidelines that walk you through the process of using Turnitin step-by-step, with a live demo. It is recommended that you practice the instructions in the real-time, by  opening the browser ( preferably  Firefox / Google Chrome or  Internet Explorer 9 or above.Keep visiting this page for more videos to come.

  1. Video 1- Using Turnitin For The First Time 
  2. Video 2- Using Turnitin for Creating Class, Assignment and Submitting Paper
  3. Video 3- Using Turnitin for Submitting a Revised Paper
  4. Video 4- Submitting Multiple Papers in Turnitin
  5. Video 5- Turnitin Originality Report Explained _ Part 1  
  6.  Video 6- Turnitin Originality Report Explained_ Part 2
  7. Video 7- Submitting Multiple Papers in Turnitin ( Zip File Upload Method) 
In case you Lose/Forget your Turnitin Account Password, 

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