Before anyone sets out to write any academic paper/Thesis, it is imperative to learn about Citations in general. A brief yet focused guide is available on the link below.

        How to cite Sources?

Recently, It is learnt that a vast majority of students get higher percentage of Similarity Index (in Turnitin Originality Report) mainly due to the following reasons.

      1. No or Lack of awareness of Referencing Style
      2. Wrongly-punctuated references ( which happens mostly when they are done manually. A better way of doing referencing can be seen here)
      3. Inaccurate placement of references within a text
    These can be avoided by reading the manuals extensively.
    Be advised that use any of these Referencing styles can be followed but consistently, throughout the document. DO NOT MIX TWO OR MORE CITATION STYLES IN ONE.

    Below are three Main Referencing Style Manuals used at NUML,                              namely APA, MLA, & Chicago. These are updated versions and they should necessarily be consulted in detail, before carrying out any academic writing assignment.These manuals can be accessed from

APA Referencing Style
MLA Referencing Style
Chicago Referencing Style_____________________________________________________________________________

Thesis Writing Video Series 

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